RoyStar SoundSick Spotted in King Bach's "Paper, Rock, Scissors"

RoyStar SoundSick Spotted in King Bach's Latest Viral Video "Paper, Rock, Scissors".

As Lloyd Hayfeather gets ready for his big match, will he fold to the pressure as he faces his biggest opponent yet?

The Ultimate Game of Rock Paper Scissors feat Hannibal Buress

Written by: King Bach and Sean G
Directed By: King Bach
Hannibal Buress IG: @hannibalburess
Iman Crosson IG: @alphacat
Brandon Thomas IG : @btisme
Klarity IG: @Klarity
Magi Techno
Edward Jackson
Antonique Smith
Candice Wilson

Special Thanks to: Julian Smith, Casey Hartig, Matt Boswell, Luie P, Tim, Latisha Mays, Rod Kelly, and Christina Bachelor

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RoyStar SoundSick